First blog post

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Trying to work out what to say

Ok. I didnt sleep well….and at approximately 2.51am…emphasis on the AM here…I thought ‘I have too many words in my brain and my grey cells are at bursting point and need some exercise to reduce their girth. How about writing a blog. Relieve the pressure’. And so it begins….

I posted on FB last night my first…(I have to boast here) ….and very successful attempt at making baguettes. Mix, fold at 4 x 45 minute intervals, shape rest in couche transfer to steam filled oven ( eat shephards pie) and then bake….and wait. TA DAAAAA drum roll. SUCCESS. I am thrilled.

Today more mundane stuff, but I have to admit to an element of excitement, I am choosing a new bog for the soon to be upgraded bathroom. We have sprung a leak and it is with more than a feeling of trepidation that we flush the toilet….it has been leaking into the floor for quite some while and I fear that one of us may find ourselves crashing through the floor into the living room below….in all our bare butt glory…note to self lose some stones as preventative measure.

Now I’m thinking how do I post a picture here. Bare with…and I don’t mean my bare butt….I am new at this and my dyslexic brain takes a while (ok it could take weeks) to get the hang of this new form of social madness.

I will be mostly waiting in anticipation for the first bite of the baguette during the Man U match tonight. Wish me luck and all hail the close coupled toilet with soft close seat.

Disclaimer: You will probably be wondering ‘does she proof read her ramblings before publishing’….Oh believe me I do..it can take weeks for me to see the error of my ways and writings….hence the duff exam results…wasn’t much understanding for us dyslexics in the 20th Century┬á (see what I did there…giving nothing away) well ok Im older than 18 mwahaha. So please be kind and if you feel the urge to rubbish my words…I will turn the other cheek….­čĄô